LEVEL: Advanced Diploma

LENGTH: Three years

START DATE: Fall 2018

LOCATION: Stony Plain

The course explains massage and its effects on the body and mind.

This will help students decide which treatment they would opt for, when providing a service to their clients.

The course looks at a variety of massage types; hot stone, Thai, Swedish and many more.

The student will learn to differentiate between the many types of massage and see which type is appropriate for each patient and in each setting.

The course provides students with all the skills and attributes needed in order to make the correct ethical choices and right decisions for patient care.

You will learn how to judge correctly when it comes to making clinical decisions and formulating treatment plans.

Your interpersonal and communication skills will also be honed on this course.

Critical thinking is also paramount to the course and you will learn how to evaluate data clinically.

Legal and ethical considerations are also covered on the course, as well as the practical studies such as anatomy and psychology, to name but two.

To apply please download our brochure and pay special attention to the entry qualifications, as they have recently changed.



LEVEL: Certificate in Reflexology

LENGTH: Five days

START DATE: July and August 2018

LOCATION: Stony Plain

This is an introduction to reflexology.

Reflexology believes that certain points of the body relate to the internal organs and that applying pressure on them can be helpful to health.

All over the world, people treat conditions such as asthma, headaches and PMS with reflexology.

It is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside massage therapy and medical massage, to treat numerous common conditions.

The course looks at anatomy as well as physiology. It is then applied to hand and foot reflexology.

The basics of reflexology will be covered in the five day introduction and its treatment of several conditions will be studied.



LEVEL: Diploma in Osteopathy

LENGTH: Ten weeks

START DATE: July and August 2018

LOCATION: Stony Plain

The course provides an overview of the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of the various conditions connected to the body’s musculoskeletal structure.

Anatomy and physiology are covered and disorders in areas such as the pelvis, nervous system and spine will be looked at in detail.

Exercises and lifestyle will also be studied to show how the body can assist itself with its own repair.

This diploma is a recognized qualification by many associations in osteopathy.