was created to help promote the reputation and practice of medical massage.

Since 1972 we have been instrumental in the promotion of medical massage within the medical profession.

We aim to boost the role performed by medical massage as a complementary and helpful therapy, for a variety of issues.

How we achieve our aims are through driving up the professional standards in the industry and by promoting vigorous education programs for health professionals.

We run numerous training and education courses and are actively involved in the promoting of safety and science in medical massage.

We constantly strive to learn, from the data available to us, about the use of medical massage and how best to help the professionals in the industry.


The legal aspect is also something that we take very seriously and aim to help educate our members with.

The law and ethics are an important area of any medicine and it is something that all students and practitioners of medical massage would do well to observe seriously.


Our main aim is to see medical massage as being an accepted treatment across all hospitals and healthcare treatment facilities.

We wish to see medical massage being something that is seen as another valid treatment and not something that is unusual or somehow disreputable.

We know that we have a long way to go in this respect, but progress is gradually being made within the medical profession.

We run numerous courses and back many professional qualifications.

Our members and students may rest assured that any qualification featured by us is highly reputable and will be recognized by the profession.

Courses are run all over the country, with various start dates. We can also help students finance their courses, if they need help finding the fees.